Do you have a map to plan the rest of your life? Transform from what if to that’s it.

mindset and goals personal development Jan 05, 2022

You can create a map for your future to reach your goals and finally live the life you always dreamed of.

To create the map, you must assess, evaluate where you stand and where you would like to be and be doing in a certain time frame. You need to set measurable goals with a timeline

Answering the following questions would be a great start: 

The above questions are the core questions that help me guide my clients on my 8-week Coaching program: Live Life to the full: 60-day Fast Track to Purpose- Inspired Living. During the 8-weekly coaching session (2-hour long each ) we explore the answers to the above questions after we do a Purpose Breakthrough assessment to discover why the client thinks and acts the way they do, what their blind spots are, and their goal-setting style based on the assessment results.

I help them understand themselves & others better by helping the client discover their strengths, shortcomings, their basic needs, and blind spots that will help them thrive in all areas of their life. The program will provide clients with the tools they need to map out a plan to achieve their goals so that they can start living the life they always dreamed of.

Answering the following questions would be a great start:

  • Do you like where your life has been and where is headed towards?
  • If you want to change direction, how do you start?
  • Do you know what your talents, skills, and abilities are?
  • What are you most passionate about? 
  • How can you use your talents, abilities, and skills to do what you are passionate about?
  • What is your goal and in which time frame?
  • What do you want to be doing 12 months from today?
  • Do you have any limiting beliefs about yourself and or others that you need to address before you can continue forward?
  • What specific, measurable goals do you need to accomplish in 3, 6, and 9 months to achieve your goal 12 months from now?
  • How would you celebrate when you accomplish the 3,6 9-, and 12-months goals?
  • What is your goal for 5 years from now?

I offer a FREE 45-minute Purpose-Inspired Living Breakthrough Session.

 Where I will go over what you would like to accomplish, and we'll see if you are a good fit for my coaching program. To book your free session, click this link now:  

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