3- simple strategies to reach a goal

mindset and goals Dec 01, 2021
Woman happy reaching a goal

Reaching a goal could be a daunting task but if you make a plan and break it down into small steps, set your mind to achieve it you can easily reach it. Here are 3 easy strategies to reach your goal. 

  1. Describe your goal in specific and measurable detail
  2. Set a deadline to reach your goal
  3. Make a plan (monthly, weekly, and daily targets)

Here are a few tips.

  1. Write down a specific goal you would like to reach

Ask yourself:

  • why do you want to reach that specific goal (your motivation)
  • When do you plan to reach that goal (days or months?)
  • write down daily targets easy to accomplish.


  1.  Set a deadline to reach your goal (days, months, or years)


  1.  Make a plan to achieve the goal:
  • Break it down into monthly targets
  • And daily targets
  1.  Write down daily targets

Don’t push yourself, enjoy the journey.

  1.  Keep a visible calendar where you mark the days when you successfully meet your daily target.
  2.  Reward yourself when you have reached a milestone such as:
  • 5 or 7 consecutive days meeting your goal or
  • 30 days total days when you met your daily target


  1. Do not get discouraged if you miss one day or two. The goal is to achieve the targets daily, but if you miss the mark, go easy on yourself. On the next day make a commitment to be successful.


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