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This 12-week group coaching program is for anyone who would like to understand himself/herself and others to become the best version of themselves, discover their strengths, what they value and what their basic needs that drive their daily decision-making so they will be able to connect and engage with others to create better relationships and thrive in all areas of their life.
What would you get?
An online Life renewal character Assessment (Breakthrough Purpose-Inspired assessment). 
12- weekly group coaching 60- minute sessions
2 one-to-one individual sessions
And more
You will learn:
Insights into your personality
Discover the words that best describe you
Your Likes & Dislikes
Your strength and weaknesses
How do you set priorities?
What is your goal-setting style?
What is your communication style?
What are your ideal environments?
Uncover your keys to excellence
Your basic needs
What results are important to you
What are your areas of struggle and the best strategies to overcome them?
The Benefits of knowing all of the above are life-changing. You will:
Have Personal Awareness
Be able to understand others
Get more self-confidence- Self-esteem
Define your purpose or what your Calling is
Discover how to communicate with more Clarity
Know how to handle conflict resolution
And much more